External Doctorate

In addition to working in research projects at the university, the scientific qualification with the aim of a doctorate is also possible externally. This can be done in many forms in cooperation with a company. The advantages are obvious: one usually has a contract of employment and also good chances for a future career in the company. For companies, doctoral candidates are ideal impulses because they bring new ideas to the development department. Overall, the networking between universities and industry is being improved.

A few rules should help to clarify mutual expectations and, above all, to combine the economic interests of companies with the freedom of science. Very important: The doctoral regulations of the faculty are the decisive legal basis.

In a joint position paper, BDA, BDI, HRK and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft set out the framework.

The position paper is the result of expert discussions and a workshop with representatives from science and industry in October 2017.
Already in 2017, the HRK and TU9 had presented key points on the quality assurance of doctorates with external employment contracts.

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