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Organisational Structure

The Otto-von-Guericke Graduate Academy was founded in May 2010 and is a central scientific institution under the responsibility of the rectorate and represented by the vice president for research.

The staff members of the GA office are your contact persons for all service offers of the Graduate Academy.

The Council is the central body of the Graduate Academy. The Board of Directors, representatives of all doctoral programs and all faculties, the representatives of the doctoral students, and the coordinators of the Graduate Academy meet there once a semester to discuss all basic matters of the Graduate Academy and its further development.

Protocols of the meetings of the advisory board of the Graduate Academy (in German)



The Graduate Academy is the service institution for doctoral students and postdocs at OVGU. It aims to structure and support doctorates and postdoctoral careers at this university through:

  • Cross-disciplinary training opportunities (workshops, events, etc.),
  • Counseling and support services,
  • Measures to improve the scientific and social infrastructure,
  • Conflict moderation,
  • Networking with non-university (research) institutions, especially in the surroundings of the Otto von Guericke University, and the universities of the state,
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation of different departments and faculties in joint research projects,
  • Support of equal opportunities (increase in the proportion of women, support for doctoral students and postdocs with families) are ensured.


Basic documents


Working papers of the GraduateAcademy

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