Doctoral student representatives

Every year the election of the doctoral student representation takes place.



Tasks and Objectives of the Doctoral Students' Representative Council

The doctoral students' representation is the representation of interests of the doctoral students of the OVGU. In accordance with § 18 para. 6 HSG LSA, it advises on all doctorate-related issues and questions, makes recommendations to the university bodies and establishes interdisciplinary and inter-faculty exchange. Through its representatives, it actively participates in the council of the OVG Graduate Academy (OVG-GA). The faculty councils have to give the doctoral students' representation the opportunity to comment on drafts of doctoral regulations before they are passed. As a rule, one member of the representation participates in the meetings of the Senate or the respective Faculty Councils in an advisory function.

The doctoral students' representation consists of two representatives per faculty. Substitutes are possible. The term of office of the members is one year. It begins on July 01 of a year.

More Information on the activities of the representation

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PhD student representatives 2024/25

 Link to the respective faculty:

Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringDoctorate at FMB
  • -
Faculty of Process and Systems EngineeringDoctorate at FVST
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyPhD student representation
Faculty of Computer ScienceDoctorate at FIN
  • -
Faculty of MathematicsDoctorate at FMA
Faculty of Natural SciencesDoctorate at FNW
Faculty of MedicineDoctorate at FMED
  • -
Faculty of HumanitiesDoctorate at FHW
Faculty of Economics and ManagementDoctorate at FWW




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