Conflict Moderation

Respect and mutual appreciation are important prerequisites for a good basis for cooperation, also and especially in science. However, when people work together intensively, conflicts can also arise that damage or undermine this basis. If problems ever arise, you as a member of OVGU can access various support services.

Depending on the exact causes and circumstances of a conflict, you can find support at various contact points. Basically, if the problems are serious enough for you to want support, do not hesitate to contact us. A conflict will usually be more difficult to resolve if it has escalated more. All contact persons will treat your concerns as strictly confidential and will only take further action, if necessary, in consultation with you.

Stages of conflict resolution

Stage 1:

Attempt to clarify within the working group / the institute.Ersthelfer_Signatur


Stage 2:

Support from the Graduate Academy for a low-threshold conflict moderation:


Stage 3:

Involve internal contacts or stakeholders:

Ombudsman for dealing with scientific misconduct


  • Representative for Foreigners`Affairs: Conflicts with an intercultural aspect


Stage 4: 

If conflicts cannot be resolved at Stage 3, the university management is usually involved via the Human Resources Department.

In difficult cases of scientific misconduct, the body "The German Research Ombudsman" can be contacted, which assists all scientists in Germany with their questions and any conflicts in the area of good scientific practice (GWP) or scientific integrity. The ombudsman works according to the 19 "Guidelines for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice" (


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