Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Management Research

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become buzzwords we regularly encounter. However, there are still many black boxes in how organizations best approach DEI to leverage the benefits of diversity. Our research projects hope to shed light on these black boxes and provide meaningful insights for organizations. To do so, we use a variety of theoretical perspectives and research methods. Therefore, the aim of our DocAG is a regular exchange to learn from one another. We want to promote this exchange through joint excursions and inviting speakers and scientists from our research area.



Anna-Maria Mazurczak


Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G22E-105




Raphael Klei Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Tabea Brandt Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Anna-Maria Mazurczak Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Birte Prinzhorn Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Peter Freundel Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt
Aline Endreß Prof. Dr. Tessa Flatten - TU Dortmund

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