Project Manager Qualification 2024

This training is a joint offer of the Strategic Human Resources Development department of the OVGU and the Graduate Academy. It is co-financed by funds from the BMBF (Tenure Track Program for the Promotion of Young Scientists). 


Certificate course, recognition by IAPM -
International Association of Project Managers






Seminar language is German. If required, small group and individual work can take place in German or English and be accompanied accordingly.



A: Project management: the classic methods of project planning in the R&D environment.

B: Project management: the control of projects and agile methods.

C: project management skills and communication

D: leadership and conflict management

E: Certificate workshop with written test



Target group

Are postdocs and newly appointed professors*,

The participants can arrange the modules together.

  1.     All modules one after another; within three months a comprehensive training, the spacing of the modules is good for the balance between new learning and experience.
  2.     If you have already acquired methodological knowledge, you can also enter module C and acquire knowledge about the management and leadership tasks in the project.




of the training is,

  • to further develop the skills of project management, goal-oriented communication.
  • to grasp basic principles of project management for the participants and to implement them in their daily work,
  • to master agile and classical instruments of result-oriented planning and control for projects and to transfer them into practice.


The training is divided into 5 modules that can be booked individually:

March 12-13, 2024 - Module A: Project management: the classic procedures of project planning in the R&D environment.

April 09-10, 2024 - Module B: Project management: the control of projects and agile methods.

May 07-08, 2024 - Module C: project management and communication skills

June 05-06, 2024 - Module D: Leadership and conflict management

June 27, 2024 - Module E: Certificate workshop with written test



Training and workshop methods

Through lecture, group work, discussions and feedback, participants are enabled to plan and execute their projects effectively. The teaching of methodological skills enables the participants to analyze their current working methods and to work out their own development perspectives.

With the planning of a concrete project from the environment of the participants, there is the possibility to discuss the specific requirements - especially of projects funded by third parties.

The course will be held in accordance with the currently valid general conditions for holding events at the OvGU. If it is not possible to hold a face-to-face event, the course will be held as an online workshop with a modified methodology and equivalent content. This does not result in additional expenses.




The continuing education is completed with a written test and a planning workshop.

The written test takes place in module E: It lasts one hour and is written without documentation. In it, questions on the subject matter from all modules must be answered. The test is considered passed if at least 60 out of 100 points are achieved.




After passing the written test, the planning workshop and a minimum attendance of 80 % participants will receive a certificate as a project leader.



Dr. Katrin Schickhoff - Projektmanagement für Experten;Training und Entwicklung 

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