Methodological skills and measurement techniques for EMC analyses

The DocAG brings together PhD students that are working on different aspect of electromagnetic compatibility. It is also open to other students of electrical engineering and neighboring fields like medical engineering, electromagnetic fields or power electronics.

Ongoing problems are discussed every week in a meeting of one to two hours. The discussions deal with the mathematical methods, applicable software and measurement devices. The members of the group present and discuss the status of their PhD studies periodically.



Ankel Fröbel, phone: 0391-67-51094

Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, building 9-223


Doctoral Students

Working Group

Anke Fröbel Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick
Thomas Gerlach Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick 
Matthias Hirte Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick
Benjamin Hoepfner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick
Johanna Kasper Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick
Felix Middelstädt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick  
Enrico Pannicke Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick  
 Jörg Petzold Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick  
Moustafa Raya   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick
Xiaowei Wang Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick


Dr.-Ing. Mathias Magdowski  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vick 



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