Peer Mentoring: DocAGs

We would like to support self-organization and self-dependence of doctoral candidates, to build "peer-mentoring"-groups. You may build a group of minimum 5 doctoral candidates as a 'DocAG' and you will then have the opportunity of applying for funding for self-organized workshops and for inviting visiting scholars.

The goals of these groups may be to discuss the projects of the participants on a regular base and to support each other this way. Probably it might also be helpful to focus on the writing itself, to avoid effects of writer's blocks or procrastination.

Application for the registration of a DocAG in the frame of the Graduate Academy

DocAGs may apply for a small budget of up to EUR 500,- per year; to invite speakers or to organize a workshop or retreat. The maximum sum of 500,- EUR may be splitted to more than one application. Please send us the application form at least 4 weeks before the event you are planning.

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