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Information on the COVID-19 pandemic


You can reach the Graduate Academy team for questions and advice by e-mail and telephone:  | 0391 67 58930.
Consultations are also offered via ZOOM.


Travel to Germany

If you're entering Germany from another country and have visited a high-risk area in the last 10 days, then you're required to stay in quarantine for 10 days after entry. From March 30, 2021, a pre-departure testing requirement will apply to all air transportation from outside Germany.

You need to complete a Digital Registration on Entry so that the local health authority can check whether you're staying in quarantine. Your travel and contact details will be passed on to the local health authority at the place where you'll be staying so you can be contacted there.



The courses of the Graduate Academy are offered online (according to the valid regulations at OVGU). Information on these courses will be sent out in the GA Newsletter in the usual way. Course registrations are possible at any time.

Thesis Defence

There are recommendations for the handling of doctoral thesis defences during the COVID19 pandemic.
Please discuss with your supervisors and the faculty how your doctoral defence can be completed despite the necessary precautions.

Basically, there are three options:

  1. The defence is postponed to the time after the lifting of the contact restriction.
  2. The defence is carried out regularly (in a larger room where minimum distances can be maintained).
  3. The defence is conducted in whole or in part as a video conference.

Last Modification: 10.05.2021 - Contact Person: Dr. Barbara Witter