Supervisory Board

according to the statutes (§4)

1. The Scientific Director
Prof. Dunja Bruder (MED)

Prof. Sanaz Mostaghim (INF)

2. The Prorector for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities
Prof. Dr. Manja Krüger (FMB)
3. The speakers of the doctoral programmes

GRK 2297
Mathematical Complexity Reduction

Prof. Sebastian Sager (MATH)

Prof. Volker Kaibel

GRK 2408
Maladaptive processes at physiological interfaces in chronic diseases

Prof. Michael Naumann (MED)
Prof. Dr. Verena Keitel-Anselmino (MED)
GRK  2413
The ageing synapse - molecular, cellular and behavioural mechanisms of cognitive decline
Prof. Oliver Stork (NAT)

Prof. Daniela Dieterich (MED)

SFB TR 287 / MGK
   Bulk Reaction

Dr. Katharina Zähringer (FVST)

SFB 1436 / MGK
   Neural Resources of Cognition

Prof. Tömme Noesselt (NAT)
Prof. Oliver Stork (NAT)
International Max Planck Research School
   for Advanced Methods in Process and Systems Engineering - IMPRS ProEng
Prof. Kai Sundmacher (VST)

Prof. Achim Kienle (FEIT)

Doctoral program at Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Doctoral program of the Faculty of Computer Science
Prof. Sanaz Mostaghim (INF)


Prof. Stefan Schirra (INF)

Doctoral program of the Faculty of Economics Sciences
Prof. Peter Reichling (WW)
Graduate School "T2I2"
Dr. Axel Boese (EIT)


 4. Representatives appointed by the Senate from the following faculties
Prof. Abdolkarim Sadrieh (WW)
Prof. Philipp Pohlenz (HW) 
 5. Representative of the PhD Students

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