Networks for Doctoral Students

Thesis is an interdisciplinary, Germany-wide network for young scientists

The Alumniportal Deutschland is a web-service which is free of charge. It is carried out by six organisations from the field of international cooperation and financed by the German Federal Government. It offers "Germany-Alumni" an opportunity of securing and expanding their acquired contacts and expertise, and of using them for their personal and professional development.
Alumniportal Deutschland

EURODOC is the European-wide federation of national associations of Ph.D. candidates

Networks of doctoral students in Magdeburg

Political Commitment of Doctoral Students for Doctoral Students

Promostatus Jetzt
Doctoral candidates want to be granted an official status at the universities to be recognized as a distinct group at the universities: follow up with the current political impacts of the open letter and a petition from 2012.

The PI is an initiative of scholarship holders in Germany

Political Positions Concerning the Education of Doctoral Students

The Union for Education and Sciences (Gewerkschaft für Erziehung und Wissenschaft, GEW) offers a detailed compilation of institutions with involvement with the education of doctoral students. You can find out more about the position these actors are standing on the future of PhDs' education.

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