The Graduate Academy

Organisational Structure

The Otto-von-Guericke Graduate Academy was founded in May 2010 and is a central scientific institution under the responsibility of the rectorate and represented by the vice president for research.

The Graduate Academy and its office are led by the scientific director, while the activities are coordinated by the scientific coordinator (contact).

One central organ of the Graduate Academy is the advisory board. It consists of  the director, representatives of all faculties, the PhD representatives and the coordinator. Once per semester, the advisory board meets to discuss and decide about all issues concerning the basics and further development of the Graduate Academy.


The Graduate Academy considers itself as a service institution for doctoral students and postdocs. It aims to structure and support doctorates and postdoctoral careers at this university through:

  • general and technical trainings (workshops, events etc.)
  • guidance offers
  • improvement of activities for the scientific and social infrastructure
  • networking with non-university (research) institutions, esp. in the setting of Otto von Guericke University and the universities of Saxony-Anhalt
  • interdisciplinary cooperation with the different faculties for mutual research projects
  • the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women (increasing the percentage of women, support of doctoral students and postdocs with families).

Additional Links

Statutes of the Otto-von-Guericke Graduate Academy (effective 5/2017)