Mental Health for Postdocs 17.09.2024 - EN

Workshop language is English.



Target Group:




  • Resilience & well-being in Academia

  • Mental clarity & decision-making in Academia

  • Decision-making for (future) team leaders


Motivation and goals:

  • We address the self-sabotaging thought processes that underlie perfectionism, imposter syndrome

    or worry and learn to reframe them.

  •  We identify maladaptive coping strategies (e.g. avoidance and procrastination) and explore more

        effective (and healthier) strategies.

  • We discuss the need to fill your bucket and why balance in our lives is essential to creativity, insight,

    motivation, and our ability to deal constructively with feedback and rejection.

  • we discuss the role of our biases, thinking patterns, and behavioural choices play in how we evaluate

       situations and available options.

  • we explore the forces that keep us from making decisions: the worry, the overwhelm, the self-critical

       inner voices.

  • we put in practice concrete strategies to improve our decision-making and compensate for some of

    the most common cognitive biases and thinking traps.

  • we discuss the main hurdles in our decision-making, as individuals, as teams and as leaders.

  • we emphasize the importance of clarity and communication when leading a team.

  •  we discuss the main dangers and sources of conflict when making decisions with others

  • we detail and practice some concrete tools to help us improve our decision-making and leadership


time period:

  • 17.09.2024



  • Desiree Dickerson, PhD


Conditions of participation

Free of charge for doctoral students and postdocs in Magdeburg.

If you are unable to attend after registration, please contact us immediately at  .

This allows us in particular to consider others interested in the course who are still on the waiting list. Please note that without your timely cancellation of your participation and/or in case of your non-appearance on the day of the event, we would be obliged to claim the pro-rata costs of the event incurred in relation to your person as damages. You are of course free to prove that the Graduate Academy has suffered no damage or less damage than the one claimed.

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