Formal Issues

So, what does a Doctorate mean?

You can earn the "Doctor" title after pursuing an independent research project. Throughout your work you will be closely supported by a supervisor, with whom you will discuss topic, frames and methods of your research. The success of your doctorate will be evaluated by a team of professors at the corresponding faculty, after handing in the thesis and undergoing an oral defense of the project.

All the details concerning the process are determined by the Regulations for Doctorates at the OVGU (German only). You will have to publish your results - as a monography, the thesis, or probably - in some faculties - you can also choose to submit several scientific articles as a "cumulative" thesis. 


Though you are working independently during your doctorate, you are not left alone. From the very beginning you should make sure to have a supervisor that is able and willing to support you during your doctoral project.

Once the topic and the framework for the project are established, it may be helpful to record the most important appointments and commitments in a supervision protocol. The OVG Graduate Academy has developed suggestions for the content and documentation of a first supervision interview.

Types of Doctorates @OVGU

Basically, a thesis can be submitted to any faculty of the OVGU. Besides the traditional individual doctorates, the university also offers several structured Doctoral Programmes.

Doctorate at the faculties



The Dezernat für Studienangelegenheiten is responsible for the

  • Admission for pursuing a doctorate at one of the OVGU faculties
  • Evaluation of International Master degrees
  • Matriculation as a doctoral student at OVGU


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