Supervision Protocol

A good relationship between the student and his supervisor is vital for a successful doctorate. The work must rely on a solid base of trust and mutual exchange. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is highly recommended to clarify all questions in a first supervision meeting, and to set agreements and expectations formally in a protocol.

The content of this protocol should include:

No special form for the protocol is required, and the document does not need to be signed. We recommend you to discuss in detail the following points:


List of questions for a supervision meeting at the beginning of a doctoral project

1. Supervision committee:

  • Is there more than one supervisor?
  • Are there other scientists to contact (Postdocs, PIs, Lab manager)?

2. Subject

3. Thesis

  • Topic and main focus of the thesis, working title
  • Cumulative thesis or monograph?
  • Obligation to write a synopsis in advance?
  • Is there a probation time?
  • Expected time frame?
  • Are there special circumstances that might lead to delays?

4. Frequent meetings

  • How is the frame for scientific exchange between supervisor and candidate?
  • Who else should be contacted frequently, or concerning special questions?
  • How many people are working in the department, are there rules concerning meetings, presentations, colloquia?

5. Working conditions

  • Is there office and / or lab space available?
  • Are there financial means for equipment, material, student research assistants?

6. Financing the doctorate

  • Which options are available?
  • How long will funding be available, what is the time frame?

7. Structured doctoral programme, compulsory study programme

  • Is the doctoral student member of a structured doctoral programme?
  • If yes: are there additional duties or additional options?
  • Which lectures or seminars must be visited?

8. Good Scientific Practice (according to German Research Foundation DFG)

9. Supporting offices at OVGU


In case of any doubt, please contact the Graduate Academy or the OVGU Law Department.

Please, find here also some more remarks on legal aspects of supervision meetings (in German).


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