Methods Club - Data Analysis in Neuroscience

The project "Methods Club" aims to provide a platform for discourses in the field of data analysis. Especially, we focus on neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods and aim to discuss proven methods as well as to learn new approaches. Finally, we strive to promote scientific exchange between different institutions in order to unite expertise and technical skills.


Luca Franziska Kaiser


Doctoral Students

Working Group

Alondra Chaire Prof. Dr. Emrah Duezel
Luca Franziska Kaiser Dr. Gerhard Jocham
Marius Keute Dr.Tino Zähle
Lennart Lüttgau Dr. Gerhard Jocham
Mario Borja Perez-Lopez Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolbers
Stefan Repplinger Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze

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