Interdisciplinary research group of qualitative interpretation

Our interdisciplinary group consists of five doctoral students from social sciences, educational sciences, vocational education and human resources development. Our mutual basis is the work with qualitative research methods. Due to our long-time collaboration the group has developed a continuous mode of practice which goes beyond pure research work and works as a holistic support structure for our doctorate. In this way we understand ourselves as a research community without hierarchies.

Article on the benefits of a "research community without hierarchies" (in German):

Die hierarchiefreie Forschungswerkstatt als Reflexionsinstanz und besondere Form der Nachwuchsförderung
Erziehungswissenschaft 2014 (48) pp 81-83.



Dr. Erika Gericke,, phone: 0391-67-56504

Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg 


Erika Gericke, 
Department of Vocational Education and Human Resources Development
Phone: 0391 67 - 56 504


Doctoral Students

Working Group

Martina Hinze  
Silke Kassebaum  
Maria Pfützner  


Dr. Maria Pfützner  
Dr. Alexander Schnarr  



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