Empirical Social and Higher Education Research


Exchange on a disciplinary and interdisciplinary level, organization of scientific work, supportive network, writers workshop.

Our DOC group is interested in researching questions in social and higher education research considering different methodological and theoretical approaches.
The group consists of researchers from various scientific disciplines (sociology, adult education, educational management and educational sciences).  
We are focusing on interdisciplinary and methodological discussions as well as aspects of organising research.  We aim at establishing a support network.



Dr. Maria Kondratjuk (fokus: LEHRE), maria.kondratjuk@ovgu.de

fokus: LEHRE
HET LSA - Heterogenität in Studium und Lehre Sachsen-Anhalt


Members of the DocAG:

Sarah Berndt (fokus: LEHRE) AG Prof. Pohlenz
Christoph Damm Institut 1: Bildung, Beruf und Medien
Ulrike Frosch (FHW-IBBP) AG Prof. Dr. Sibylle Peters
Dr. Maria Kondratjuk fokus: LEHRE
Till Krenz (FHW-ISOZ) AG Prof. Dr. Barbara Dippelhofer-Stiem
Dr. Annika Rathmann fokus: LEHRE
Claudia Wendt (fokus: LEHRE) AG Prof. Dr. Philipp Pohlenz

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