PhD in Progress

The goal of the DocAG "PiP" is to interchange with other doctoral students about our work and progress. Since we come from very different parts of computer science, we hope to gain insightful hints for our work. That will help us to work more motivated, structured and better on our theses.

Some impressions of the retreat 2016



 Madhura Thosar, phone.: 0391-67-51358

Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, building 29-020

Christian Braune, phone: 0391-67-52506

Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, building 29-013


Doctoral Students

Working Group

Rico Andrich  Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösner
Thomas Bauer   Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösner
Christian Braune   Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse
Christoph Doell   Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse
Rafael Friesen   Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösner
Stephan Günther  Prof. Dr. Till Mossakowski 
Heiner Zille  Prof. Dr. Sanaz Mostaghim 
Maria Hedblom  Prof. Dr. Till Mossakowski  
Pascal Held  Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kruse 
Katrin Krieger  Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösner 
Matthias Mokosch  Prof. Dr. Hans-Knud Arndt 
Madhura Thosar  Prof. Dr. Till Mossakowski  
Torsten Urban  Prof. Dr. Hans-Knud Arndt  


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