How to participate

Magdeburg is a city open for all. That is why on January 20, 2018 the traditional "Mile of Democracy" will take place for the tenth year along Breiter Weg in order to reaffirm that the inhabitants of Magdeburg are not only diverse, but also friendly, open, cooperative and cosmopolitan. 



The OVG Graduate Academy will be there with a booth. Under the slogan "Science is not an opinion – there is no alternative to facts", our goal is to give visibility to the many young scientists from all over the world who are engaged in scientific research in the city. These were the mottoes of the world-wide science marches in April 2017, and I think they fit quite well to our participation on the “mile” as well.

You are invited to create a general poster of your dissertation project. Think about the motto (there is no alternative to facts) and try to write a short, understandable text about your project and its relevance in accordance to this.


  • as soon as possible: Registering and confirming your participation (poster? stand support? other ideas?)
  • by January 4, 2018: Providing the picture and the general text for your poster
  • by January, 12, 2018: Confirming your commitment to the stand
  • Contact:


If you are interested in the march-for-science movement, please check the international or the German pages

Please don’t hesitate to forward this message to anyone else that might be willing to support us, and please send me a message if you would like to join us.


logo_ovgg The Graduate Academy's stand is a joint initiative with the Otto-von-Guericke-Gesellschaft and the Otto-von-Guericke-Stiftung.