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Mile of Democracy

Once a year, the traditional "Mile of Democracy" ocuppies the Breiter Weg in order to reaffirm the inhabitants of Magdeburg are not only diverse, but also friendly, open, cooperative and cosmopolitan.

Since 2009, the "Mile" has been organized by a broad coalition of Magdeburg's civil society groups. The background is historical: the anniversary of the destruction of Magdeburg during the Second World War. In the most severe bomb attacks suffered by the city, thousands of citizens lost their lives on January 16th, 1945. The old city was 90% destroyed and, in general, 60% of Magdeburg was reduced to rubble.

Every year, on and around January 16th, the City of Magdeburg hosts numerous memorial events to remember this painful chapter of the history. That is why the "Mile of Democracy" emerged. That is an intiative which invites to reflection. There is a wide range of social actions by the municipality which not only prevents history from being forgotten or manipulated, but also uses the historical events as an occasion to solidify tolerance and democracy as the foundations of a modern society.

On January 20, 2018, we took part again. Thanks to everybody for interesting talks and a peaceful day in the city! Here are some impressions:


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