08.06.2018: Quick on Your Feet: Spontaneous Speaking Practice

Target group

Academics who wish to gain the necessary skills to speak impromptu in formal and informal contexts.


The workshop offers techniques on how to structure and stay focused when speaking spontaneously. Exercises are used throughout the course to ensure that participants can immediately put skills into practice. Participants develop strategies for engaging listeners and tailoring information to the audience. Furthermore,participants learn improvisation techniques and practice speaking impromptu in formal role-play settings such as site visits, conferences, panels and social events.


•Gain skills with which to speak confidently and spontaneously in formal and informal settings

•Practice engaging in small talk to practice "pitching", promoting and networking

•Deliver a talk extemporaneously and catch the listener's attention

•Handle a formal discussion


•Voice and body techniques

•Partner work/role-play

•Language practice and analysis


•Trainer and group feedback

Trainer: Ric Oquita, Impulsplus