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Find a scholarship

  • Database of fellowships of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for foreigners in Germany: DAAD
  • Search engine for sponsoring your study in Germany: (German only)
  • Search engine of the Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF):  Stipendienlotse (German only)
  • Foundations for the promotion of young talent, sponsored by the BMBF: Stipendium plus
  • Database for scholarships for students and graduates: ELFI
  • Database for scholarships in Germany: Online-Stipendien
  • Scholarships in the Humanities and Social Sciences H/Soz/Kult

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Scholarships offered at the OVGU

 The Otto von Guericke University yearly grants in accordance with the law of promoting graduates (Graduiertenförderungsgesetz) scholarships to doctoral students of this university.

Doctoral students of the OVGU after the Master degree.

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Doctoral Scholarship at the Faculty of Medicine at OVGU

The Doctoral Scholarship is supposed to help young scientists of the Otto-von-Guericke University to finish their doctorate at the faculty of medicine Magdeburg with high quality and without pressure.

Doctoral Student at the OVGU, either as a graduate or as a student of medicine after the 3rd year at an advanced stage of the dissertation project.

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Scholarships of the Major Funding Organizations

The Federal Ministery of Education and Research supports thirteen large funding programmes for students and young researchers.

There are ideologically neutral organizations as well as others that are more politically associated, denomination-based or are run by the unions or employers’ associations. They are all dedicated to promoting the common good and are assuming responsibility for the society. They have common rules and aims in coordination with the BMBF.


Awards for young scientists

Awards offer additional funding and may push your career.

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