List of questions for a supervision interview at the beginning of a doctoral project

1. Supervision committee:

  • Is there more than one supervisor?
  • Are there other scientists to contact (Postdocs, PIs, Lab manager)?

2. Subject

3. Thesis

  • Topic and main focus of the thesis, working title
  • Cumulative thesis or monograph?
  • Obligation to write a synopsis in advance?
  • Is there a probation time?
  • Expected time frame?
  • Are there special circumstances that might lead to delays?

4. Frequent meetings

  • How is the frame for scientific exchange between supervisor and candidate?
  • Who else should be contacted frequently, or concerning special questions?
  • How many people are working in the department, are there rules concerning meetings, presentations, colloquia?

5. Working conditions

  • Is there office and / or lab space available?
  • Are there financial means for equipment, material, student research assistants?

6. Financing the doctorate

  • Which options are available?
  • How long will funding be available, what is the time frame?

7. Structured doctoral programme, compulsory study programme

  • Is the doctoral student member of a structured doctoral programme?
  • If yes: are there additional duties or additional options?
  • Which lectures or seminars must be visited?

8. Good Scientific Practice (according to German Research Foundation DFG)

9. Supporting offices at OVGU