Presentation PLUS: From Competence to Eloquence

11./12.06.2020   9am - 5pm both days


Doctoral candidates and postdocs with significant presentation experience or who have participated in Ric Oquita’s previous trainings (2019 or earlier)

12 Participants maximum

Workshop language is English



The Presentation PLUS workshop is tailored to the unique needs of advanced presenters with prior training and presentation experience. Led by a theatre professional, the two-day interactive workshop provides participants the active opportunity to enhance their communication skills in the areas of networking, making small talk, strengthening the narrative arc of their topic, optimizing a professional pitch and tailoring a pitch to diverse audience’s. Additiionally, participants will build impromptu speaking skills, train exercises for quick thinking and problem solving, and explore best practices for handling the audience discussion. Exercises are used throughout the course to ensure that participants can immediately put skills into practice.



In a networking situation, it’s important to contextualize and encapsulate a response to the question “What do you do?” in a manner that tells the story, captures the listener’s attention, positions the individual accurately, communicates passion for the topic and motivates the listener to want to hear more.
A trainer with a theatre background will lead interactive activities and exercises, allowing the participants to engage with one another in various constellations. Participants will be guided through interactive exercises to improve their self-marketing skills and their long-term strategic networking competences. Participants also receive tailored coaching to improve non-verbal communication and an effective use of their voice.
Improvisation and free-speaking exercises are then used as concrete tools to prepare speakers for unexpected situations that occur during presentations and discussions. The workshop offers techniques on how to structure and stay focused when speaking spontaneously. Building on their pitch, participants will give impromptu talks on their research topic, exploring structure, narrative and precise language.
Practical techniques help participants to step out of their comfort zone and to develop their authority, focus anxiety, prepare for blackouts and become more self-reliant. The training is tailored to individual participant questions to train coping strategies, such as deep breathing and mindset, which can be used in real-world situations.
Participants will then explore best practices for the audience discussion and exercises are trained to help the presenter maintain focus and composure. Participants will give a short talk about their topic followed by an audience discussion. Role-play situations are tailored, practiced and discussed in the roles as both presenter and moderator.



  • Icebreaker Activities
  • Getting in Contact and Making Connections
  • Simulate small talk situations to practice a “pitch”
  • Tailor a pitch to diverse audiences to engage the listener
  • Enhance self-marketing and networking skills
  • Gain skills with which to speak confidently and spontaneously in semi-formal settings
  • Breathing and focusing exercises for stress management
  • Improvisation Techniques for quick thinking and problem solving
  • Handle a formal discussion
  • Develop effective tactics for handling difficult questions
  • Role-play disruptions during discussions



  •  Individual, pair and group working exercises
  • Language practice and analysis
  • Role-play exercises and discussion
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Trainer and group feedback



Ric Oquita, Impulsplus

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